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Seal the deal with our Super Bonder! This bond extends your client's lash retention. Apply after dried finished lash sets to secure the lashes and help your lash extensions stay on longer.  This Sealant formula is perfect for keeping your lashes intact even in humid climates. Recommend using with Meg-a-Lashes Signature Adhesive. This Super Bonder is for professional use only.




Meg-a-Lashes Super Bonder

    • Easy to apply- no clumps, no mess
    • Reduces irritation and sensitivity.
    • Improves retention.
    • Seals the adhesive 
    • Works with any adhesive
    • Cost-effective – 10ml bottle will last you for 100 – 150 clients!
    • 2 yrs 6 months of shelf life once opened
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