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Tired of sparse short brittle eyelashes? Meg-a-Lashes Lash Serum works by nourishing your natural lashes with specially formulated plant nutrients that help your lashes grow to their full potential. Use consistently every night for visible results in 4 weeks, and full results in 8 weeks.

Meg-a-Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum

  • After washing your face and lashes, apply eyelash growth serum in the upper lash line, dip sparingly, and repeat on the other eye. Wait until the serum is dry before going to bed or applying other products. Use morning and/or night.

  • Water, oligopeptide-3, tocopherol, myristoyl pentapeptide, protease dextran, collagen, hexanediol, diol phydroxyacetophenone

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